Board Members

Pat Maxwell, Executive Director

Along with his managerial role with PMR Pat is also one of the primary instructors. Sometimes referred to as the Plankton Guy, Pat has an infectious enthusiasm for sharing the biological wonders of Puget Sound. With over 30 years’ experience both teaching classes for the Marine Science Afloat™ program and guiding its ongoing development, Pat has been a big part of the PMR adventure from its very beginning. During the early years of the program, off-the-shelf video microscopes and underwater camera systems were not affordable for a non-profit education program, but Pat was able to apply his talent with trial-and-error engineering to bring several exciting marine life exploration tools to the program. Pat is also skilled at bringing to PMR the best people who share his passion for fun hands-on education.

Davis Bell, President (Board Chairman)
Dave Maxwell, Treasurer
Rose Donner, Board Member
Elizabeth Duffy, Board Member
Deborah Halley, Board Member
Alexandra Rowley, Board Member

David Todd, Board Member

David Todd is a Real Estate Broker with Lake and Company in Seattle who specializes in Seattle area homes. In addition, he is a Program Instructor at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium's Shark Dive Program. As an avid Puget Sound SCUBA Diver he works with the Citizen Science organization REEF to monitor Washington State fish and invertebrate populations.

Jenn Whitsett, Board Member