Marine Science Remote™

Attention Educators!

Pacific Marine Research sadly announces that our shipboard Marine Science Afloat™ program, which we have been operating for over 35 years, did not survive Covid.
After 3 years of covid shutdown PMR does not have enough money or the ability to raise enough funds to cover the substantial costs involved in putting the shipboard program back together.  Between insurance, chartering a suitable vessel, hiring and training almost all new staff, the rebuilding of the afloat program unfortunately is not feasible. 
The Marine Science Remote program we have be offering during Covid shutdown is being discontinued.

New Classroom Outreach Program:

For our 2023 / 2024 season we will be offering an in the classroom outreach program in which an instructor will bring some of the highlights of our Marine Science Afloat adventure to your individual classes.

Classroom offering will include live plankton samples for exploration both as a group via video microscope and a plankton lab unit for hands on individual exploration. Additional pre-visit content and optional additional content is also available.
Cost: Free
PMR outreach classes will be free and are supported by donations.
Fall dates are available in September to early October.  Spring dates late April thru June.

Contact Pat Maxwell  

Along with the activities on the day of our outreach visit other lessons are available.

Lessons include videos such as The Green Machine Part 1 & Part 2 and Protecting Puget Sound Discussion both with accompanying worksheets as well as a Water Quality Video on how we monitor the water chemistry of Puget Sound and how to make your own plankton net at home. All of this material is accessible at no cost to you!