Marine Science Remote™

Attention Educators!

Our Marine Science Afloat program is becoming Marine Science Remote. While students and teachers cannot gather to attend our onboard experience to stay safe, we want to continue to inspire the future stewards of Puget Sound and the marine environment. 

Our 100% remote field trip option includes videos such as our Introduction to Puget Sound Watershed and Protecting Puget Sound Discussion both with accompanying worksheets as well as a Water Quality Video on how we monitor the water chemistry of Puget Sound and how to make your own plankton net at home. All of this material is accessible at no cost to you! 

Marine Science Remote Program Materials

Join our naturalists as they guide you through our Food Chains Lesson or Invertebrate Taxonomy with live critters, and a brief look at plankton. This can be done as a free pre-recorded lesson or part of a live session.

We would like to invite you to schedule a live session at an additional cost. Meet our divers and ask them questions in real time as they take you underwater during the Live Dive. We will also include Water Quality Data collected on the day of this live portion. The live stream will allow for students to ask questions and interact with naturalists and scuba divers in real-time.The cost of this session is $250 for up to 30 students (additional students will be at a cost of $10/student). If needed please inquire about our scholarship program as we strive to make our program accessible to all students within the Puget Sound Watershed and beyond. 

To book your live streaming session please email

There are post live stream follow up prompts that continue student inquiry into the topics introduced by our naturalists. 

If completing all included curriculum students will cover the following NGSS standards laid out by grade level. A full breakdown of standards covered is also included in your Teacher Guide.