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Come Sail with us!  

Pacific Marine Research sadly announces we do not anticipate providing shipboard Marine Science Afloat™ program in Spring 2023.

We know that the return to our Marine Science Afloat™ shipboard program is highly anticipated. This decision has not been made lightly. For more on this follow this link to our official announcement. 

Bring your team onboard our 65' vessel, Spirit of 76, to work together to participate in community science by collecting water quality data shared through an online database all over the world. Examine the microscopic life of our ocean, alive, under the microscope. Observe, touch, and handle our beautiful and bizarre invertebrates. From tiny drifting plankton to wolf eels, octopus, and marine mammals, we provide an interactive glimpse into the underwater world that simply be done on land.
Follow along with our team of scientific divers as they explore the depths beneath the boat and introduce us to the animals below with our LIVE underwater video and audio system. And most importantly – Learn how you and your company's daily actions can help protect this magnificent, but delicate ecosystem that we all share, and how to take protecting Puget Sound to the next level!
Our mission is to "educate and train the current and future stewards of Puget Sound" and that means YOU! We truly believe that the best way to accomplish this is to give you a hands-on science experience that focuses on all of the factors that play into the health and well-being of Puget Sound, from watershed management, to pollution, and an understanding of the inner workings of the ecosystem. 
Simply send us an email or drop us a line to find out what dates we have open. The cost is $75 per person with a maximum capacity of 45.
See Booking Policy and Procedures and What to Expect and How to Prepare for detailed trip information.
Phone: (206) 361-1919