For Parents

If your child joined us today at Marine Science Afloat™, we hope your dinnertime conversation will be lively! No doubt, they will tell you exciting tales of pulling up plankton nets and seeing those very creatures through the lenses of a microscope in our shipboard lab. Above the water, they had an opportunity to interact with marine life in our touch tanks. They viewed below the water during the live dive portion of the program where a professional diver scouted out interesting marine life to share with the students above.

We hope they enjoyed their time as much as we did! Our PARENT GUIDE (coming soon) has some discussion points that you can use to engage your child in a conversation about what they learned. That way, we hope YOU can enjoy the trip too! Check out these resources that you and your family can use to turn knowledge into action!

We’ve also included some information about our Marine Science Afloat program and encourage you to visit our website and learn about our sponsoring organization, Pacific Marine Research, a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Finally, we encourage you to have your child submit a masterpiece to our “The Way I SEA It” gallery. Have them draw their favorite creature, draw a conservation poster or map out your plan for saving the Puget Sound... the sky (in our case the SEA!) is the limit. Let us see how they SEA IT! Send in their submission and we’ll post it online and select a few for our newsletter. We are also always on the look-out for our next student “Steward of the Month” and information is enclosed on how you can nominate a student.

Thank you for entrusting us to instill a sense of wonder, appreciation and responsibility in your student for Puget Sound.


Pat Maxwell
Plankton Guy Pat
Executive Director