Marine Science Afloat™

Pacific Marine Research sadly announces we do not anticipate providing shipboard Marine Science Afloat™ program in Spring 2023.

We know that the return to our Marine Science Afloat™ shipboard program is highly anticipated. This decision has not been made lightly. For more on this follow this link to our official announcement. 

We will continue to operate our hybrid program. Follow this link to learn more!


Students learn to love and appreciate Puget Sound on our 5 1/2 hour hands-on scientific expedition aboard the Spirit of 76 floating classroom. Haul in the plankton nets! Spy into the invisible watery world in the microscope lab! Meet your slimy and squishy underwater neighbors! Follow along with our team of scientific divers as they explore the depths beneath the boat and introduce us to the animals below with our LIVE underwater video system. 

And most importantly – Learn how your daily actions can help protect this magnificent, but delicate ecosystem that we all share. 

 Visit our highlights VIDEO1 and VIDEO2 to see first hand what a Marine Science Afloat trip entails.


Our mission is to "educate and train the future stewards of Puget Sound" and we truly believe that the best way to accomplish this is to give youth a hands-on science experience that focuses on all of the factors that play into the health and well-being of Puget Sound, from watershed management, pollution, and an understanding of the inner workings of the ecosystem.

 See our GREEN MACHINE video to better understand what drives the health of Puget Sound.


While we focus on students in grades 3-12, we also run trips for families, youth groups and other groups between 65-80 people. While the minimum is 65 people, you can contact us about combining your smaller group with other schools, if available.


Our floating classroom, The Spirit of 76, departs principally out of the Bell Harbor Marina in Seattle. This 70-foot vessel is licensed to carry up to 150 passengers and has classroom space to accommodate 75 students. The upper deck has two outside areas for sampling activities and a covered area inside, while the lower deck has three heated classrooms.

Learn more about our FLOATING CLASSROOM
Find directions and parking information for BELL HARBOR MARINA

*Most trips depart from Bell Harbor Marina, however, occasionally we also use Shilshole Bay Marina and Harbor Island Marina. Details will be provided upon booking


 Our Spring Season takes place from mid-March to mid-June.

 Dates for Spring 2022: On Hold Until Health Guidelines Have Lifted Restrictions on Gathering in Large Groups


Simply send us an email or drop us a line to find out what dates we have open. The cost is $40 per person with one complimentary chaperone per every 10 students after the first 15. While this is lower than our actual expenses, we are able to keep costs low due to gifts made by our private and grant donors. These donations also fund a limited number of scholarships for low income students. Use the donate button below or visit our DONATIONS page and see how you can help support our scholarship program.

See Booking Policy and Procedures and What to Expect and How to Prepare for detailed trip information.

Phone: (206) 361-1919