Thank You Wednesday

Total Funds Raised: $7,260!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser campaign. We had a grand total of $7,260 from dozens of donors. We know that this year had been hard on so many individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. We appreciate everyone who donated or shared our message across their digital and social media platforms.
We look forward to our remote spring season sharing the biodiversity of the Puget Sound with our students through Marine Science Remote. See the information below for more information on our program and how you can bring the Puget Sound right to your student or virtual classroom:

The Marine Science Remote program 

We have developed a virtual Marine Science Remote field trip program, enabling us to deliver to students at home, or in the classroom, much of the same content as our on the water program.  Our goal for next spring is to be able to provide our Marine Science Remote program for up to 100 class groups. We hope to raise enough funds that we can offer full or partial scholarships for school groups that need to request funding for our spring 2021 virtual field trip season. We have secured sufficient scholarship and grant funding to serve low income school groups. For schools that can afford to help offset the cost of their virtual field trip program we have a minimum suggested donation fee of $250 per class group (up to 30). This fee is less than what it will cost us to offer Marine Science Remote, but we are committed to running this program nonetheless, until we can return to our on-board, on the water, service.

Read more about Marine Science Remote here!

This organization exists because of generous donors who keep our tuition low to make our programs accessible to students and schools from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

Thank You for you support. See what PMR has been upto by checking out or Winter 2020 Newsletter